Month: <span>May 2018</span>

Month: May 2018

Vigilant Voting

by Mike Pyatt  Thank God or those who bravely gave their all for us. Although the solemnity and majesty of Memorial Day is barely in our rear view mirror, and, sadly, this sentiment is ephemeral for too many Americans, who thought it was only a day off work. Worse for …


Cody Corporate “Welfare” Fiasco: Fascist to the Core

By Bradley Harrington “There is a decisive difference between the loans supplied by private lenders and the loans supplied by a government agency. Each private lender risks his own funds.” — Henry Hazlitt, “Economics in One Lesson,” 1946 — In times of economic downturns, sensible people watch their financial expenditures …


Is Facebook Being Honest?

Facebook is now circumventing Europe’s new privacy Law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by removing 1.5 billion members off its servers in Europe, and relocating them to servers in the USA to avoid the regulation entirely for those members. ~ Source You might ask yourself, “do I really want …

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