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2020 General Election Crib Sheet

2020 General Election Crib Sheet

Below is the crib sheet for the 2020 General Election to help you with candidates to vote for that are endorsed by The Wyoming Net. These candidates represent the conservative values and the republican platforms. Below is a link to a printable PDF file so you can have the crib sheet when needed. Below the link is the list in text format. (updated 10-14-20)

2020 General Election Crib Sheet

Here is the crib sheet in text format

U.S. President / Senator / Representative  
U.S. PresidentDonald Trump
U.S. SenatorCynthia Lummis
U.S. Representative
Constitutional Amendment AVote AGAINST
State Senators
6Anthony Bouchard
12John K. Koib
18Tim French
24Troy D. McKeown
26Tim Salazar
30Wendy DeGroot
State Representatives
1Chip Neiman
4Jeremy Haroldson
12Clarence Styvar
18Scott Heiner
25Dan Laursen
28John R. Winter
30Mark Jennings
31John Bear
34Pepper L. Ottman
36Art Washut
38Shawn Johnson
45Roxie Hensley
46Ocean Andrew
49Robert A. Wharff
50Rachel Rodriguez-Williams
52Bill Fortner
53Roy Edwards
57Chuck Gray
60Mark Baker
Natrona County County CommissionerDave North
Natrona County CoronerJames Whipps
Casper City Council
Ward IGabe Phillips
Ward IILisa Engebretsen
Ward III
Bar Nunn Town CouncilDaniel Wolosin
Evansville Town CouncilEvansville Town Council
Mills Town CouncilRon "Hunter" Wales
NC Fire Protection DistrictGeorge Tillman, Jr.
Urban Conservation DistrictScott Smith
Judge Ninth Judicial DistrictJason ConderRetain
Judge Ninth Judicial DistrictRobert DenhardtRetain
Judge Ninth Judicial DistrictCurt HawsRetain
Judge Ninth Judicial DistrictJames RaddaDO NOT Retain
Do NOT retain ANY WY Supreme Court Judge

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