Is Natrona GOP Moving to the Left?

Is Natrona GOP Moving to the Left?

Letter from one of our readers:

As a registered Natrona county Republican, I find it offensive to have my county Republican state committee woman endorsing Democrat state candidates. The Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee found it offensive as well which resulted in her justly-deserved censure last weekend.

When our county Republican party elected JoAnn True to her position, it was with the legitimate assumption that her duty was to support and elect Republicans. Not Democrats.

However, as reflected on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website, True’s donation to the Cowgirl Run Fund (True is a founding member) is evidence of her failure to uphold what she was elected to do. This organization generously contributed to numerous Democrat candidates, one of which ran against an incumbent Wyoming senator.

It is encouraging to know that the Wyoming Republican Party is holding firm to its commitment of standing strong for timeless Republican values as well as holding their elected officers accountable.

~ Cathy Ide

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