Month: <span>August 2022</span>

Month: August 2022

Too Much Prattle Overshadows Action

“Well Done Is Better Than Well Said.” That quote, attributed to Ben Franklin, is nearly universally agreed upon as true, but compromised ubiquitously. As one who venerates the wordsmith, defends the majesty of language and eloquence of words, experience reminds this columnist that our human race talks incessantly. Talk shows, …


Encompassed by A Cloud of Isms

There’s a gathering dust from all the Isms, that’s clouding our once bright view of individual Liberty. There’s a dark cloud on the horizon, increasing in speed and intensity, destined to overshadow the Founder’s Dream of Freedom and individual Liberty under God. Whether it’s Atheism, Communism, Cowardism, Elitism, Humanism, Marxism, …


Revisiting Absolute Evil’s Reach

Evil’s ancient, and finds its way into nearly every fiber of our existence. It’s easy to become numb to mass shootings. But we must resist. When they do occur, predictably it’s politicized by the media, and their ilk slavishly rushing to offer another tawdry appeal for stricter gun control, before …

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