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Beware Constitutional Convention HB-27

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 1 of 3

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 2 of 3

Beware Constitutional Convention, Part 3 of 3

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Representatives Tom Lubnau (H31, Campbell) and David Miller (H55, Fremont) are sponsoring HB0027, Article V constitutional convention. This is very dangerous and is not only a threat to Wyoming, but our country. “George Soros – the financier of global fascism – is pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign…” Proponents of an Article V Constitutional Convention, also known as a Con-Con, are Progressive Liberals! And those who naively support a Con-Con argue we have to fix the U.S. Constitution. We have to be very clear on this, our Constitution is not broken! What we have is a systemic problem of politicians who refuse to honor their oath of office and defend and preserve the U.S. Constitution. No matter how many words you add to parchment, dishonorable politicians will do as they do now, ignore them. read more


Memo from Cindy Hill

How are things going with the investigative committee?” Although I have not been permitted to be as involved in the work of the committee as I had hoped, I want to share the information that I do have. To that end, I have outlined a few questions that I am commonly asked, followed by information I have related to each of those questions.

For your information, I am also attaching copies of all my correspondence related to this investigation. I hope this will help you understand what has been going on and will be used as reference as you discuss this work with fellow legislators and respond to questions from constituents. read more


Letter to Lubnau

July 9, 2013

Speaker Tom Lubnau
Wyoming House of Representatives Wyoming Capitol
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Dear Mr. Lubnau:

I am in receipt of your letter dated July 8 but I am not comforted by it. Notwithstanding your claim that SF 104 was motivated by an effort to organize the Department of Education that had “not been well organized for at least 30 years,” I continue to believe it was personally directed at me. A considerable portion of the debate in both chambers and certainly the public debate across the state focuses on me personally. Indeed the MacPherson investigation was motivated by statements attributed to you during the SF 104 debate that it was your “duty” to investigate the claims of WDE employees, thus forever tying the two issues together. read more

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