by Addie Blake

Mexicos’ Foreign Ministry released a comic book in 2004. They called it A Guide for the Mexican Migrant. It is a detailed how-to manual for illegal aliens. It includes (a) safe ways to cross Mexicos’ northern border illegally, (b) a primer of illegal aliens rights in the U.S. and (c) advice on living illegally under the radar in the U.S. It lists 22 Mexican Consulate locations and phone numbers in the U.S. and contact numbers for 23 U.S. major cities, Atlanta and other large cities. Mexican Consulates in the U.S. provide a matricula consular ID card as documentation for applicants. Among other things, the matricula card can be used to board a plane in the U.S. By January 2005, according to the Mexico City newspaper Universal, 4.5 million Mexicans had matricula consular IDs that were accepted in 386 cities, 164 counties and 338 financial institutions in the U.S. and Mexicos’ stated goal was to have issued 6 million by that years end. In 2005, ten states in the U.S. accepted the matricula consular as valid ID for issuing an American drivers license to replace the matricula as ID.  Matriculas are so easy to get, it’s common for American police to see individuals that have several of them in different names.    This tells the American people exactly why there is such a huge illegal alien problem in the United States.

Why would a government encourage its citizens to leave their home country and enter their neighboring country illegally. Why would that government make the effort to print all the information their citizens need to do this successfully. Think about it. Mexicans in the United States whether illegal or legal, send 35 billion dollars annually to Mexico. In ten years that’s 350 billion dollars, one third of a trillion. In another ten years it’s 700 billion dollars, two thirds of a trillion. In another ten years it’s over a trillion dollars. One trillion dollars in ten year installments sucked right out of the economy of the USA and sent straight into the Mexican economy. And the Mexican government didn’t have to lift a finger or spend one penny in internal investment in their country to get the $1,000,000,000,000. Hand ’em the instruction book and send ’em across the border and wait for the dough to start rolling in.

This doesn’t even touch on the tremendous amount of money Americans spend on Latinos every year and the crime suffered by U.S. citizens. Cash strapped states spending billions of dollars that has to be borrowed on citizens of Mexico and Latin America for jails and welfare. Thousands and thousands of innocent American citizens murdered and maimed every year by criminal Latinos and drunk drivers. Mexico is one of the worlds’ largest economies and is considered an upper middle income country by the World Bank. They have resources to care for their poor. But what incentive do they have to do that. The border is wide open and it’s so much easier to send them across the border and have the taxpayers of the USA bear the Mexican governments’ moral duty and the financial burden that goes with it.

The time for the Mexican government to step up and start taking care of its own citizens is long overdue. Long overdue, five hundred years overdue. They can tax their own people the way our citizens are taxed. And they can use a percentage of the profits from all their government owned industries to provide services for their citizens. And it is long overdue for our government to step up and put an end to this shameful practice. The Mexican government is actually formulating United States immigration policy and enforcing it because they get no resistance from our government! It makes one wonder whether the Mexican government has organized and is funding all the illegal alien amnesty groups in the U.S. Setting up these amnesty lobby groups would be the next logical step. Have any of our senators or representatives investigated as to whether the Mexican government is actually funding these groups. Who pays their salaries and rent? Are they making Mexican government funded campaign contributions to our lawmakers? The American people have a right to transparency. They have a right to know.

If amnesty is granted to the millions of Mexican citizens sent here by the Mexican government, we are disavowing not only our immigration laws but our own republic and our own sovereignty. Our immigration system is not broken. Only our immigration laws are broken. Our immigration laws were written specifically to allow just so many in and keep the rest out. Just because any person from anywhere in the world cannot just walk across the border and demand citizenship and the vote doesn’t mean the system is broken. It just means they broke the law and must turn around and go home, show some respect to the United States and its people. And start working to make their own country better.

The people of the United States do not have a copyright on their constitution. We will share it with any country on earth who wants to establish it in their own country. We the people of the United States of Mexico hold these truths to self evident ….. It’s theirs for the taking. What a difference it would have made if all those who have come across the border illegally and all those who are manning their posts at all the illegal alien lobby groups had stayed home and worked to make their country a better place for all Mexican citizens. There are causes worth dying for but dying in the hot desert is not one of them. If your going to die, die in your own country, standing on your own soil, waving your own flag, petitioning your own government, fighting for your own country.

We can no longer call this country a republic, a nation of laws, if our government itself refuses to obey and enforce our laws. That is unless we put the word banana in front of it. This once great sovereign nation unable (or unwilling) to protect its citizens, its economy and its sovereignty. Sad. Sad. Sad.

a blake  georgia

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