Perish The Thought

Perish The Thought

by Mike PyattMikePyatt

Ever had that nightmare moment? When you considered an event that has yet to happen, but the thought of it’s bone chilling. It may be our deepest, darkest hidden secret from our past being revealed. Like thirty-three thousand “deleted emails,” that reveals more than talk of “yoga and grandchildren.” With only three months to this year’s presidential voting, supporters on both sides of the isle are asking, “What if he or she is elected?” Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg vowed she’d move to New Zealand if Trump prevails. Many have offered to rent her a U-haul, and help pack her bags. She apologized, claiming she wasn’t serious. Too bad. Should Trump win, we could eliminate a segment of the Hollywood elite Left, and jump start the real estate boom in Tinsel Town. Even those on the “Never Trump” train may have a change of heart knowing that. It’s rumored some are investing heavily in North American Van Line’s stock.

What if Hillary’s the 45th President? What would this nation look like? Political pundits are speculating. It will be an extension of the Obama Presidency! Do they mean economically? Socially? Judicially? During the primary her supporters claimed she’d moved to the left because Bernie was resonating with the disenfranchised progressives. They’re convinced she’ll “return to the center” in her run against Trump. Is that good news?

Lawrence Kudlow, conservative economist reminds us that, “Doing the same thing over and over again,” referring to Clinton’s moribund economic plan, “and expecting different results, when in fact the results never change, is one definition of insanity. That goes for economics, too.” Kudlow predicts her strategy will deliver more stagnant growth, falling wages, declining productivity, and depressed investment. Hillary derides “trickle-down-economics.” Her “political amnesia” overlooks the post-war economies that prospered most after President Kennedy’s and Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts. Hillary should talk to her spouse about his second term. Bill followed the same recovery model with slashing taxes, and welfare reform, with dramatic results. Hillary talks about helping the middle class. Why not give tax and regulatory relief a chance? It has been absent for the past seven and half years. There’s no relief for the middle class in her plan. We’ve seen this “rerun” before. And it’s no sitcom.

Steve Moore, Wall Street Journal columnist, and Trump campaign economic advisor, characterizes Hillary’s plan, “The left’s idea cupboard is empty. He observed, “They have nothing to offer except: tax; spend; spin; hit the button again.” Same recipe. Last week’s cold leftovers. It doesn’t taste any better than when “Chef” Obama served it. Her promised jobs program in her first hundred days as president, resembles her former boss, who had nearly three-thousand days to produce virtually zero job growth, or a pay raise for the average citizen. As feeble as her economic plans are, liberty minded citizens are most distressed by her views on our constitutional rights-like the Second Amendment, and the Supreme Court judges she’ll nominate. Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow, concurs with Newt Gingrich, that Hillary would stack the court with liberals that would haunt us for forty years or more.

The DOJ would continue to mirror the biased “law and order” view of President Obama. It should be renamed the “Department of Selective Justice,” promoting the historic subjugation of the black intercity, under a Hillary Clinton administration. Doubters and scoffers alike should consider viewing Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America,” that assiduously traces the trail of “enslavement” of blacks, from President Andrew Jackson to Jesse Jackson. Law and order will reflect the “tarmac justice” when Bubba and Loretta Lynch “huddled” on a plane to talk about “grandchildren” during the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. Access to the State Department and White House would continue to resemble a “revolving door” to the “highest bidder,” with more foot traffic than a high priced escort service. The common citizen couldn’t afford a visit. Abuse of power will be more solidly entrenched. Tragically, Hillary will complete Obama’s 2008, promise to “fundamentally transform America.” Not for the good.

With a serial liar as President, the moral climate will be predictably as abysmal. Follow her trail of moral failures from the Whitewater investigation in Little Rock, to the D.C. email investigation that she escaped, making Houdini look like an amateur. Moral bankruptcy at a new low. Recent polls indicate nearly a quarter of registered Democratic voters question her honesty-yet they’ll vote for her. Confirmation liberals have a cranial defect. Those pant suits should disqualify her.

She’ll use the White House bully pulpit to continue funding Planned Parenthood, promoting the slaughter of the unborn. She’ll nominate High Court judges who’ll rule from the bench to keep the ignoble 1973, Roe v. Wade decision the “law of the land.” She argues free college tuition for the “middle class” is a “moral mandate.” Code word for more taxes. Consider if someone came to your door, and said, “We’re going to ‘borrow’ your car because someone else needs it more than you do.” That’s no contribution. It’s theft. We can bank on her to permit increased flow of illegal violation of immigration laws. Enforcement would resemble “hide and seek.” Hillary will appoint lower court “bleeding heart” judges, who’ll treat criminal illegal aliens with kid gloves. Sanctuary cities will have “personalized zip codes.”

Trump changes his positions more than an Olympic gymnast. However, contrasted to Hillary Clinton, he still looks better. There’s not enough Febreeze in the world to remove the stench from the Clinton Foundation. We can speculate how Trump may perform. However, Hillary’s dossier is fat, and predictable. The only surprise will be how nefarious. If it weren’t for the mainstream media, she would’ve tanked long ago. There’s no doubt what this nation would look like under Hillary. An eviscerated constitution. Economic upheaval. Social unrest. And corruption. Perish the thought. Conservative purists, don’t be ashamed to consider voting for Trump-even if you hold your nose. Lord help us. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s


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  1. Travis

    Neither of the main party candidates are any good. Killary is evil with no exception but Trump supported her & her philanderous husband for 30 years or so. Face it, they are in cahoots to steal the election for the Hildabeast.

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