Taking A Stand

Taking A Stand

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt

Early patriots took a stand-one that cost many everything. Our stand isn’t as life threatening, but the cost will be incalculable if we relent. “We must be certain where we stand before firmly planting our feet there,” someone sagely warned. That’s true for Christians and co-belligerents. Even the Leftist, liberal, agnostic and atheist, in this 21st Century, must understand that warning that influences our direction, to safely navigate the political, philosophical, social and theological waters. That’s where the battle lines are drawn. The fight against evil and injustice persists. America is still uniquely positioned to shape our destiny, and Christians specifically, insist not without God’s Hand to guide us. Most conservative and liberty minded people understand the interplay of such exchanges, and the ancient battle between secularism and Biblical Christianity.

Our Founding Fathers, through their wisdom, acknowledged that this great experiment we call a Republic, emanated from the Beneficent Hand of Providence. The Constitutional “Blessings of Liberty” has been established and accepted by long usage, and the passage of time. Secularists still deny what is historically obvious to most. Where one stands on a host of issues will influence one’s home front, neighborhood, town, state, and nation. Unfortunately, too many won’t look beyond their kitchen window. That’s why some don’t know their next door neighbor. And why a majority claim, “Politic’s dirty and doesn’t effect me.” That pretense world has no relation to reality. For those serious about influencing one’s culture, one must take a closer look at such misinformed, self serving thoughts.

One needn’t reenact the 1781, Siege of Yorktown stand against General Cornwallis. It’s much simpler. Consider creating a blog holding our legislators feet to the fire for their voting. Run for political office. Attend legislative sessions in Cheyenne and see “how the sausage is made.” Start a neighborhood Bible study. Browse the Wyoming Campaign for Liberty website. Attend historic September 20th, Wyoming Supreme Court case in Cheyenne, Allred & Gay v. Mead & Nicholas. Any interest? There’s no shortage of issues, only a shortage of foot soldiers. Too daunting? Or a smorgasbord of opportunities? Christians must routinely ask, “Where does the Lord want me to be active and exercise my gifts?” Contrary to popular opinion, apathy isn’t a gift.

Many churches foster a “retreat mentality,” ignoring the Biblical mandate to share the Gospel, and avoiding soiling their hands in this non-antiseptic world. They’ve become insular, reaching only themselves in their hermetically sealed existence. Jesus challenged us to distinguish what belongs to Him or what’s Caesar’s? Few have to fear martyrdom, or choosing to burn incense to Caesar, or be dessert for the lions. Regardless of one’s station in life, the Christian’s calling is always to be a citizen of another kingdom, yet to live uneasily, though wisely, in this present kingdom, not holding perishable things too tightly.

The point of knowing where one stands ultimately influences one’s thoughts on a myriad of issues to foster perspicacity, distinguish moral fidelity, and resist treachery that haunts our reverie on a quotidian basis. One who’s serious about the Christian’s walk must be a jealous sentinel, patrolling the minefields of this frontier, that at times is barely recognizable. When one is surrounded by a cacophony of dissenting voices, one must remain indefatigable, and unswerving in resolve, ignoring nefarious political nuance.

Consider the young vulnerable student captive in a hostile secular classroom. How does one stand in the face of moral relativism? Dominated and surrounded by wholly secular views, on every side, pressured to capitulate to the modern view that the only absolute is there are none, being told that a chaste existence and serial promiscuity differ only in choice, dictated by the latest social media post, or TV sitcom. Generations ago there was a consensus on moral issues. Even the “man without a Bible,” generally agreed with that consensus on marriage between one man and one woman, marital fidelity, homosexuality as morally inferior, and honesty was a principle-not a policy. Those standards served as the lynchpin for a stable and moral society. Our moral landscape has been altered so drastically, it’s nearly unrecognizable today.

On September 17th, our Constitution celebrates 231years from its signing. John Adams stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Secularism’s goal is to erode such principles that bind us together, and to assiduously remove the final vestiges of our Founder’s words, corrupting the mind of this generation. Perhaps Benjamin Franklin looked down the corridor of time, when he prognosticated, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have need of more masters.”

Talk of the transmission of culture has renewed interest today. For generations parents understood the need to inculcate their traditional values that held this Republic together. The Left, and secular social engineers have worked tirelessly to undermine a historically Judeo/Christian foundation. From the Humanist Manifesto in1933, and John Dewey’s Progressive Education, the onslaught has been relentless. U.S. High Courts upheld pornography as “art.” Now a nude dancer slithering down a brass poll is on par with a Norman Rockwell painting. We’ve embraced formerly barbarian standards as “normal.” Consider the American Psychological Association’s decision to remove homosexuality as deviant behavior in 1973, and the flood gates that released a deluge of aberrant behavior like rampant homosexuality, same sex marriage, transgender surgery on sexually confused, misguided males and females. With a corresponding loss of hope, unleashing a generation of adolescent suicides.

How’re we to stem this tendency to scrofulous behavior? Less indifference, and it’ll take more than “God Talk.” One mustn’t fall for the Christian camouflage worn by so many public figures, and politicians. Wyoming Governor Mead talks about Christian values. There’s little residue to support his rhetoric, and pro-life campaign language the past seven years, although he finally signed pro-life legislation this year. He folded like a cheap tent on same-sex marriage, claiming traditional marriage “was his preference,” surrendering without a skirmish. One may be skeptical of politicians doing photo ops at a prayer breakfast. Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, staunchly defends abortion rights and same-sex marriage. President Trump has surprisingly done more to protect Evangelical and religious rights in the public square than any president in recent history.

Evangelicals and co-belligerents must take a stand. In private and the public square, clarifying in language and deeds, that we’ll stand for virtue and decency, opposing moral squalor, and acknowledging that the struggle to uphold Biblical standards, and time tested virtues of this Republic, has no surcease. One serious about such matters haven’t the luxury of fighting on only one front. Abraham Kuyper, the late Dutch journalist, statesman, and Reformed theologian, placed the role of the Christian succinctly, “There is not one square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: “Mine.”

Any corrupt doctrine, policy, principle, or philosophy is irredeemable, no matter how long it persists, how many extol its virtue, or vote in favor of it. Fortunately men and women are. A certain remedy to assuage venality is strong character and incorruptible personal integrity. More than a century ago The London Times, asked G.K. Chesterton, “What’s wrong with the world?” His answer was brief. “Dear Sirs,” he replied, “I am!” This battle requires unwavering convictions, standing with likeminded, valiant for truth. Dennis Prager recently wrote, “The Left battles statues, not evil.” “They loathed Nixon and Reagan, not Brezhnev.” Today, they despise Christians and The Family Research Council, but revere Antifa. It’s on us. Evil, injustice, corruption, apathy, and procrastination take no breaks. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com


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