It Wasn’t for the Children

Our View (WYOFACTS view)

For the past five years, Wyoming’s elected officials have consistently proclaimed that the United States of America would be better off if the federal government conducted business the “way we do in Wyoming.

The release of the inquiry into the Wyoming Department of Education under Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill’s tenure clearly demonstrates that while the people put in leadership positions by the voters of this state were challenging national politicians to emulate our brand of governance, they were somehow seduced into borrowing a few pages from the Washington, D.C., playbook instead. read more


Who Voted to Raise Your Gasoline Tax?

Below is a table showing who voted to increase Wyoming gasoline tax by another ten cents per gallon. Make note of those who’s term expires in 2014.

Some reps area of representation overlap into other counties, but the first county listed is their main county. To sort the data in the table, click on the column heading, click it again and it will sort in the reverse order. You may also enter something in the search box above the table to find something in particular. There are 70 reps who voted to increase your tax, be sure to expand the table to see all of them. read more

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