A Letter from Karl

A Letter from Karl

To Whom It May Concern

For many years I have heard many people in the Central Committee spout the mistruth that our ONLY job was to elect Republicans. Along with this was that we could not hold anyone accountable to the Platforms, Resolution, or Principles of the Party. This went on for so long that we finally changed the bylaws to read “to achieve the election of Republican candidates who substantially uphold the platform of the Republican Party”.

Karl Allred
Karl Allred

The nefarious actions this year in Natrona County have done anything but follow the charge in the bylaws.

  1. The endorsement of a liberal running against a solid conservative incumbent in the primary by the county chair. When called on it stated it was just a mistake. We lost a solid Republican incumbent who actually “substantially upheld the platform of the Republican Party”.
  2. The recruitment of a lifelong Democrat who campaigned for Obama in 2 previous elections. Very shortly after changing the “D” to an “R” he was appointed by the same chairman to be a precinct committeeman. He ran against a conservative solid Republican who again “substantially upheld the platform of the Republican Party”. When the democrat lost in the primary the chairman actually tried to keep the Republican candidate from getting any money from the state party. From what I have seen this party candidate will also get NO support from the county party in the general election run against yet another democrat.
  3. Finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The chairman made a public statement to the liberal press the other day denouncing another party candidate right as we are going into the general election. This was made about statements that the candidate DID NOT MAKE and is part of a smear campaign brought by known enemies to the Party Laura Hancock and Kerry Drake. These two have been known to twist and outright lie about conservatives in this state. In this instance they misquoted him and made it seem like he believed the statement about a gender wage gap. As has been refuted by non other than our national committeewoman in a document that shows there is not the perceived wage gap in Wyoming. The representative had told Kerry Drake that he had heard from business owners that there is a the perception that women take more time off from work for taking care of children than men do. This perception is also quoted as fact by the US Dept of Labor (ran by Obama’s democrats) in a report you can find at whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/equal_pay_issue_brief_final.pdf.  I cannot help but think this latest smear is because this incumbent actually had the backbone to stand up to the corruption in state government and join me in my suit asking for the court to enforce the law. For a party chairman to publically denounce a party incumbent right before the general election and in essence endorse the democrat is unconscionable and unethical.

I believe in context these actions have hurt the party in a year when we are spending a record amount to insure the election of party candidates. While most of the counties are pushing to get the best candidates we can to uphold the Party Platform in accordance with the bylaws this county by the actions of the chairman has been in opposition to that. For years I have worked to improve the integrity of the Party and give the people faith and a reason to believe in the Party again. There are times when some have disagreed with me in some of the actions, even those I count as good friends. I take most of that in stride and still go forward as friends in spite of differences. This on the other hand is over and beyond what I can accept as actions against good solid Republicans and furthering the democrat party agenda. I believe a strong endorsement from the State Party of the candidate who was publically denounced needs to happen ASAP in order to attempt to save this seat in the general election (this did not happen as I held this letter until after the general election at the request of chairman Micheli). We have now lost this seat to the democrat due largely in part to the endorsement by the Republican chairman.

This year has been unprecedented in our actions for the elections both financially and the support of the state party. We need to keep on track and support our Republican Party candidates fully. These type of actions do not reflect well on our Party and can hurt us when people find out about them.


Karl Allred

Uinta County Republican Party Chairman


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  1. Daniel E Miller

    As far as I’m concerned the current Republican Party in WY is a joke. They don’t vet the people they allow to put an “R” behind their name so they can get elected then when in Cheyenne they legislate like liberal Democrats, the Senate is real bad. In my opinion we have this problem in Fremont County. I hoped we could take back the Republican Party but maybe we should start the New Republican Party and let all those Rinos keep the old party

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