Did We Get A Reprieve?

Did We Get A Reprieve?

by Mike Pyatt

Mike Pyatt
Mike Pyatt

That cacophony is the collective sigh of relief from Americans that the 2016 anfractuous Presidential battle is history, and the boisterous cheers celebrating the stunning outcome as Donald Trump turned politics on its head, seizing the White House. We dodged a corrupt career politician. She and her surrogates were shocked and crushed at this turn of events. They’re uncertain who to blame for this tectonic shift, that apparently everyone but Trump and his supporters misread. Some of that noise may be attributed to the mainstream media, who were heard shouting at the pollsters, “How did you get this so wrong?” The pollsters were screaming back at the mainstream media, “Why didn’t you see this coming?” The finger pointing and blame game began. We may need an autopsy report.

Class warfare politics failed miserably. Arrogance and ignorance is a deadly elixir. To be clear, were it not for Trump’s populist message, he wouldn’t have carried states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. Wyoming should be encouraged that the war on coal may be over. President Obama restricted our energy, and lifted sanctions on Iran. A Trump energy policy should reverse that troubling trend, that has wreaked havoc on our economy. We should hear less about climate change and globalism.

Hillary’s carefully crafted concession speech on November 9th was obligatory and surprisingly gracious. It fell short of crediting the savvy American people and President elect Donald Trump, who heard their voice when no other candidate did. Divisive, grotty politics crashed and burned right before her eyes. Her stunned campaign and supporters still can’t believe this political neophyte, GOP populist, snatched victory from her grasp. A corollary benefit is watching the liberal left and petulant Hollywood elites in meltdown mode.

Make no mistake! She failed to understand that the American electorate rejected her corrupt, archaic agenda. Or that the smart, hard working citizens repudiated her message of divisive, elitist politics-as-usual message. She acknowledged the nation’s more divided that she thought, though she underestimated the force of a “basket of deplorable,” ignoring their palpable anger. More women, Latinos, whites, blacks, and independents broke for Trump than the pundits and pollsters estimated. Millennials stayed home in droves. Even Michael Moore, liberal progressive Hollywood filmmaker “read the tea leaves,” and tried to warn progressives that they’re in a “liberal echo chamber,” ignoring the possibility that Trump could defeat her. Of course, he blamed it on the “insane, arcane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College.” He rejects the Founders’ wisdom.

Despite Trumps checkered past, vulgar remarks, and unorthodox approach to campaigning,  Evangelicals supported him. His unflinching advisors of Jerry Falwell Jr., and Pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, whose broad influence in Evangelical circles, reminded the faithful that they weren’t electing a “pastor-in-chief.” Tony Perkins, from the Family Research Council, told them that what they were voting for is a strong leader, who spoke out more clearly against abortion than any GOP candidate in history. Trump pledged to appoint jurist who are pro-life. President Trump could appoint four justices to the High Court in his first term. His short list of nineteen possibilities initially passed muster from many constitutional conservatives and pro-life advocates.

Liberals, establishment politicians, and media critics gleefully repudiated Trump-disowning him. From charges of xenophobia to homophobia-any label of derision was sufficient to vilify him. He rode that wave of absolute disdain from nearly every corner. Prior to his candidacy for President, Trump was a New York media darling. He makes no pretense to care for the corrupt media’s antics. Donald Trump, in his inimitable style, marginalized the press’s influence on his path to the President. The first press conference in 2017 may resemble a WWF brawl, rather than a Kumbaya moment.

The most formidable device in Trump’s repertoire, beside his Teflon veneer, that was roundly overlooked by his adversaries-his instincts. That gut-check. His strong natural impulse that over-rides conventional reason. An internal radar. It may be inborn. He read the people of America when no one else did. He read the campaign trail. Perhaps it’s God given. Choosing the right VP candidate, conservative stalwart, Mike Pence, and a cadre of gifted advisors. His hunch to align himself with Evangelicals, that initially surprised many supporters, for a man who was not “religious,” paid dividends in the campaign. He read Hillary Clinton’s foibles and weaknesses, sensing her vulnerability. He felt the voters pain.

Finally, his instincts told him the white working class, and nearly half the union membership, were ready for a change, and they would vote for him. He wisely avoided the hackneyed locution of “political speak.” Plain, unvarnished speech. No obnubilation. Supporters loved that.

This call for unity from both parties is linked to our history of the peaceful transfer of the balance of power. President Trump must be cautious of obsequious GOP legislators, who stridently opposed him, and may retreat at the first scrum. Democrats who are still seething over the election, must recognize that citizens’ disconnect from government emanated primarily from President Obama’s eight year “el solo lobo” style administration. Millions believed their voice no longer counted. Donald Trump connected with them once again. President Trump will marshal both Houses of Congress and the Oval Office to get the peoples’ work done. Bring the Democrats along if they understand it’s not their agenda. Like it or not, there’s a “new sheriff in town.” Hopefully, he’ll not squander time seeking consensus. Unlike the 44th President, the 45th will be indefatigable.

Have we been granted a reprieve? Some said, “It’s miraculous!” We must pray for President Trump. He’ll need it. To what extent will he be corrupted by the power of the Presidency? Will there be a surcease from politics-as-usual? He’ll renegotiate NAFTA. Will he slash draconian federal regulations? Watch his Supreme Court nominations. Examine the ring of people he attracts and appoints. Will law and order prevail? What will national security and foreign policy look like? Patriots must remain vigilant. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com

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