When Rinky-Dink Prevails

When Rinky-Dink Prevails

by Mike Pyat

Mike Pyatt
Mike Pyatt

Few readers remember a 1962, corny instrumental, organ prominent recording by Dave “Baby” Cortez, titled “Rinky Dinky,” that was reminiscent of roller rink music that one may hear at the historic Wagon Wheel Roller Rink in Mills, Wyoming. It charted high during the Rock N’ Roll era. The term has a pejorative sense of “little consequence, unimportant.” Webster defines, “cheap, worn-out, corny or shoddy.” It may connote inferior or less desirable quality. Trump detractors labeled Trump University as a “rinky-dink college.” The same has been said of inferior sporting programs. Comparing a “rag-tag” team to the Crimson Tide. Breakfast at Tiffany’s or McDonalds? Many of our first vehicles were rinky-dink.

Its realm is ubiquitous, applying to culture, religion, sports and politics. A conservative blog recently characterized the CNN and Washington Post polling showing Hillary’s “insurmountable lead” as “laughably rinky-dink.” News outlets and 24/7 networks are selectively outraged at the “lack of civility” in politics, while roundly dismissing the death of four in Benghazi, or Hillary’s support for late term abortion, under the guise of “women’s health.”

That rinky-dink is a relative term, or in “the eye of the beholder” is self evident. For clarity, there are absolutes. Those taboos that are so heinous that only the most perverse, or barbaric, would violate, such as pedophilia, incest, or discarding a thirteen month old baby in a dumpster in Laramie County. Otherwise, what’s rinky-dink to one, may be otherwise to another. A cheap, tawdry sport coat may seem rinky-dink to a nattily dressed gentleman, who shops Jos. A. Bank. Not so with his “down-on-his-luck” counterpart, or that “fashion blind” fellow who ignores such conventions.

The less ardent, casual observer of this political season couldn’t ignore the twenty year old leaked video of Donald Trump’s lewd comments, degrading women, and the ensuing outrage on the Left and Right. Many were offended. He apologized. Some relented. Others didn’t. Bush the elder had already written off Trump for dethroning Jeb. He’s voting for Hillary, a serial liar, who jeopardized national security, and is now positioned to auction off the White House to the highest bidder. Few were outraged when Barbara Bush broke with the GOP platform, espousing a pro-choice stance. Trump‘s words offended. The First Lady’s words bolstered the abortion culture. The comparison’s rinky-dink.

Many outraged are as hypocritical as the Pharisees in Matthew 23:24, who “strained out gnats and swallowed a camel.” The only thing missing are the phylacteries. With the worst legislation in recent history, The Affordable Care Act, establishment GOP savaged Cruz and Trump during the Primary, more vigorously than they ever apposed Obama., haughtily warning us that the GOP’s future’s in jeopardy. Compared to what Hillary will inflict on us-it’s rinky-dink.

Wyoming’s junior Senator Barrasso recently toured the country bolstering key GOP Senate races. During the Primary he rushed to Arizona to support John McCain, against a legitimate conservative, ensuring entrenched McCain held that seat for a fifth term. Pall bearers will have to pry him out of the Senate seat. When the revelation of pervasive Democratic corruption came from WikiLeaks, it’s rinky-dink to worry about the source of the data. Our Veterans have rinky-dink healthcare. What hypocrisy for the establishment GOP to rail against the candidate that their self-serving policies and fecklessness governing created-it’s rinky-dink. Dr. Frankenstein belatedly realized he’d created a monster.

Rinky-dink has penetrated the fabric of the family. Parents rearing young daughters in this promiscuous age must beware, particularly disengaged fathers and desperate “BFF mothers.” Their risky mantra, “We want her to be popular and fashionable.” Mothers dressing like their daughters? A Facebook post challenges such pernicious thinking. It stated, “Don’t let your daughter wear makeup at 10, date at 12, wear provocative clothing at 14, and then wonder why she got pregnant at 16!” It’s a lamentable issue. A trusted associate revealed there were multiple pregnancies in middle school in Natrona County last year. Where were these parents, when their daughters were sexually active?

Donald’s a populist, pounding Obama Care and Hillary. Hillary’s going after Comey. Will the confluence of Hillary’s historic, instinctive dishonesty, and email debacle derail her campaign? Will Democrats jump ship? The average politically naïve citizen knows this much-they’ve been rinky-dinked, and dissed by political elites on both sides of the isle. Trump’s a symptom: Hillary’s a cause and effect. Remember this when casting your vote November 8th. What do you think?

Mike Pyatt’s a Natrona County resident. His email’s roderickstj@yahoo.com

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