Month: <span>November 2016</span>

Month: November 2016

Almost Settling In

by Mike Pyatt Most Americans are in that mode after this rancorous election season. Those who’ve been around for more than one voting cycle recall the disparity between what candidates say on the stump, and how they behave, or govern once in office. Many have elevated expectations believing President-elect Trump’s …


Endangered Species List

by Mike Pyatt   It isn’t the Snail Darter, Black Rhino, or Western Lowland Gorilla. After this stunning, historic Presidential victory by Donald J. Trump, it may be a political species. Hillary Clinton conducted a conference call with her mega donors last week-end, and with a plaintive voice, blamed FBI …


Joseph Goebbels Award for Excellence in Propaganda

The winners of the Joseph Goebbels Award for Excellence in Propaganda Based Journalism are: The Casper [Red] Star Tribune, Wyoming’s only Statewide Newspaper. For their tireless effort to smear Conservative Candidates across Wyoming while going out of their way to help, support, and endorse the most liberal candidates in Wyoming. …

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