Category: <span>Elected Officials</span>

Category: Elected Officials

Cheyenne’s “Economic Development Officer” Position Needs the Axe

By Bradley Harrington “Growth requires four ingredients: Domestic private investment, sound money, private property and free markets.” — Mark Thorton, “The Ingredients of Economic Growth,” 2014 — Since we’ve been discussing the “economic development” racket for the last few rants, what better place to land next than the City of …


Senator Braveheart

By Dan Brophy Wyoming: the least populated state, where cattle and pronghorn outnumber people. Where two bigoted cowboys murdered Matthew Shepard in 1998 because they hated homosexuals. Except that Shepard, involved in the meth trade, was murdered by his bisexual lover and another man (hardly cowboys) who were part of …


Could A Genuine Conservative Vote for Democrat Throne?

by Mike Pyatt Before my Conservative friends call for my lynching, hear me out before you conclude the cheese has slipped off my cracker. One can likely hear Rex Rammell screeching in the background, “What about me?” The Rock Springs Constitutionalist veterinarian has a valid argument. Despite his pugnacious style, …

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